Learn to hoop!


Do you long to learn to dance, show off awesome tricks, make cool shapes, and generally wiggle about with hula hoops?

Or perhaps you’re a hooper or other flow artist who wants to polish your skills for stage performance?

Let’s make that happen! I offer private hoop lessons in person in Bellingham, WA and online via Zoom.

Hoopers of all skill levels (including complete beginners) are welcomed and encouraged to take lessons with me on:

Beginner-advanced hula hooping

Double & quad hoops 

Choreography & act creation

Performance embellishment & stage presence

and ✨ more ✨

Lessons start at $45 an hour, or 3 lessons for $120.
Group rates are available! 

I’d love to help you discover new ways to move your body, express yourself, and have fun (or get silly, or sultry, or meditative) with circles!

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