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3 Creative Ways to Elevate Your Wedding with Circus Performers

December 1, 2021
Are you looking for something to take your wedding experience over the top? Wondering where you can get that certain special sauce to create amazing memories for you and your guests? Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How do I make my wedding stand out from all of the others?”

Circus performers, costumed characters, and specialty entertainers are a perfect way to create an exciting, energetic, and unique wedding. Not only will they help to break the ice and keep guests engaged throughout the event, but they’ll also spur unexpected experiences – which leads to amazing memories. Intrigued? Here are a few examples of how circus entertainers can create magical, fun, and immersive experiences at your upcoming wedding.

Have costumed characters greet guests & pose for photos as they arrive.

If there’s one thing that all amazing events have in common, it’s that they extend the experience into every nook and cranny of the venue from beginning to end. Placing performers at the first touchpoint with your guests will establish that this isn’t just any wedding. Imagine how surprised and delighted your friends and family will be when they arrive at the venue to be greeted by a group of inviting and elegantly costumed performers.

What: 1-3 charismatic performers dressed to match your wedding theme and a fun backdrop for photos

When: 30 minutes to one hour before the ceremony begins

Where: At the venue entrance or wherever guests will receive welcome letters or gift bags, sign the guest book, etc.

Why? A unique welcome will set the tone by instantly making guests feel like they’re a part of the party.  The addition of a photo opportunity will help guests dive right into the fun & memory-making.  

Incorporate interactive circus performers into the dance party.

Having specialty performers present during the main party times will extend the festive atmosphere into every corner of the venue, and guests will never know what kind of entertaining moment they’ll stumble upon. 

What: Stilt walkers, hula hoopers, jugglers, fan dancers, magicians, and more

When: During cocktail hour and when the dance floor is open

Where: On the dance floor, near the bar, throughout the venue

Why? Performers can encourage more mingling and spontaneity amongst guests, as well as provide an interactive experience for the folks who don’t spend their time dancing. And let’s not forget about the kids – they’ll love the circus performers.

Plan a fire performance that leads into the couple’s grand entrance.

Imagine a troupe of beautifully costumed fire dancers skillfully tossing, twirling, and spinning flames, lighting up eyes amongst guests.  As the performers move towards their final pose, you and your newlywed partner emerge and are framed in a gorgeous, dramatic display of flames. All eyes are on you and the crowd bursts into applause at the theatrical spectacle.  Talk about a memorable moment!

Three Cirque Cadia fire dancers stand in a formation.  Cirque Cadia books out fire performers for jaw-dropping acts in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

What: A 5-15 minute choreographed fire performance. Using an indoor venue? You can book an LED act instead.

When: After guests are seated for the reception.  

Where: On the dance floor, or wherever the grand entrance will happen.

Why? An LED or Fire act will raise the collective energy and create an overall sense of joy and wonder, and then direct that energy straight towards your grand entrance.

There are lots of ways to incorporate performance artists into your wedding – your creativity is the limit. If you’re planning a wedding in the Seattle/Tacoma area and want to enlist a professional who can bring your entertainment vision to life, contact Luma and her troupe Cirque Cadia for a free event consultation today.

Written by Natale Luma

Luma is a professional event entertainer specializing in fire dance, circus hooping, stilt walking, and interactive characters in Seattle, WA.

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